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Accepting Grant Applications NOW


We are excited to announce the BVHS Grant program for the 2023-24 school year and we are eager to review your requests. Our PTO engages in several fundraising endeavors each year and allocates those funds to better the overall school experience. The greatest disbursement of these funds each year is in the form of grants.


Athletic, Club and Performing/Fine Art requests will be considered only after all qualifying educational grants have been funded. 


Steps and Requirements for Submitting Your Grant Request

  • Speak with BVHS administration regarding the request. If the request cannot be filled through the school funds, and administration agrees that the request is in line with school needs, then a request can be submitted. BVEF should be considered as well.
  • Blue Valley High School Request for Funds Form 2023-24: Included below.
  • Concessions:  Each group should participate in concessions to be eligible for a grant.  If your group works concessions in the 2023-24 school year you will have a $15 per hour credit per person for each game worked towards the selected sport or activity. Additional funds are available for those that participate as a stand manager. Concessions will be paid out to the designated sport or activity at the end of each season.

Grant Request Deadlines

  • Wednesday, August 16th for consideration at the August 20th, 2023 PTO meeting (Fall)
  • Monday, October 9th for consideration at the October 12th, 2023 PTO meeting (Winter)
  • Monday, January 8th for consideration at January 11th, 2024 PTO meeting (Spring)
  • Monday, April 8th for consideration at the April 11th, 2024 PTO meeting (End of School/Summer)

Thank you for your dedication to Blue Valley High School - we look forward to reviewing your grant request!






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